New Life Community Center

Welcome to New Life Community Center Family

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111-121 Belmont Avenue  Paterson, NJ 07522

Center (973) 595 -0673   or (973) 517-7197

Fax (973) 523-0694

The Mission of New Life Community Center

is to "increase the chances for our youth to surpass the glass ceiling through exposure, training, support, and high expectation".

As young people continue to be faced with more complex and challenging life decisions at an early age our intent is to improve the quality of life of our participants, while increasing the actualization of life ambitions and dreams.

The communities that we are serving in Paterson are plagued with drug activity, crime and prostitution. Our youth are exposed and recruited to participate in this lifestyle. This leaves them vulnerable to the deadly activities of the streets. The gangs and the drug dealers become their mentors. We introduce a stimulating alternative to the Paterson street scene by offering a strong accent on youth development and education nurtured right in the neighborhood where children live. Our charge to our youth is to encourage them that we are a better alternative than the streets.

Our objectives are the following:

Provide cultural, social and spiritual outlets to help foster better decision making.

Provide leadership & spiritual development.

Provide safe, supervised environment for youth activities

Provide training to assist youth to become self-sufficient